Sánchez Elementary

School Uniform


Colors (solids): Navy Blue (includes dark blue jeans), Khaki/Tan/Biege, Pink

Types: Pants, shorts (no shorter than the longest finger when arms are fully extended downwards at the sides of the body), skorts, Capri pants, skirts

Not Allowed: No Jersey type shorts, No sweat pants/shorts, No Sagging pants


Colors (solids/plain): Top is a plain POLO shirt (no symbols) and of any color of your choice

Types: Monday-Friday: collared polo shirts, Friday: may wear either a polo collared shirt, or a school related T-shirt

School-Related T-Shirts may include: Sanchez Elementary School shirts, Shirts obtained through school-sponsored activity/event, Shirts made at school, Shirts with a college/university logo

Not Allowed: No Team Jerseys, No shirts with logos other than academic type

Other appropriate items are as follows:

  • Sweaters (solid white or navy blue)
  • Jumpers (solid colored either white, navy blue, khaki, tan or biege)
  • Undershirts (solid white or navy blue)